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Let's share ideas.


60 Minutes

Writing in a Graph Notebook

What is a consultation meeting?

Consultation meetings are a two way process in which the person providing services listens to a client's requests. This is dedicated one-on-one time for each party to voice their concerns, ask questions, seek information, and share views. It is recommended to have those listed below in my mind when scheduling a consultation meeting with the desired artist. A consultation may take place via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord, in-person, phone call, or via the chat selection on the website. Each Consultation meeting is non-refundable.

Topics of consultation meeting:

  • Size

  • Where artwork will be displayed

  • Digital/traditional

  • Turnaround Timeline -How soon does the work need to be complete? -How long it will take to complete the work.

  • reference(s) if applicable

  • Amount of different renders


3D Rendering

Make your project stand out.


Floor price

Render 1.jpg

3D Rendering

Based on your needs or interest, 3D rendering is completely unique from request-to-request. Each render is fully customized to meet particular needs. Based on the topics of discussion from the consultation meeting our artist create a custom unique to provide the best price within a desired budget. Due to the uniqueness of each design, all prices aside from the 3D rendering floor price of $200 should be seen as a guideline. It is not currently possible to provide a definitive price for request without covering specifications. However, what can be said is that you will get the pricing we can offer for a high quality render output.

How prices can vary based on request

3D rendering allows for complete creativity from an artist perspective to someone outsourcing a 3D render.  For example, when working on an architectural design one must consider some of the following:

  • Still render || Animation

  • How many angle or viewpoints are necessary

  • Amount of rooms

  • Relative quality based on display location(s)

  • How developed in the initial proposed idea

  • Level of complexity

  • Rendering time

  • Required amount of details

  • Interior || Exterior environments

With so many different elements to keep in mind it is always suggested to begin reaching out with your questions here to allow the artist to provide some feedback based on the request at hand.

3D Rendering

3D Interior

Basic or Detailed. 


3 - 4 Days

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