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Image by Debby Hudson


Rates for Commissions
  • A consultation meeting via in person or video conference is required to discuss commission request. Non-refundable cost for consultation meeting is $25.

  • After completing initial consultation a 50% deposit of the total estimate is required (not included in consultation fees). 

  • Under-pricing harms the whole industry, even for newbies. It helps to also offer lay-by options, which people appreciate and make use of.

  • Charge based on edits (ie. at each stage, offer a few minor edits (2-3 usually), and if they are unclear in their instructions/description/etc. and it causes a longer work process or it becomes more complicated, try charging $25 for each additional hour you work on a piece).

  • For more detailed commissions, get everything in writing – outline what you’ll do as an artist (ie. thumbnails, sketch, ink, and color stages) along with what changes are acceptable at each stage. Offer them a contract to sign so they understand the obligations and expectations completely, or as closely as possible.

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Thank you for the submission!

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