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Auction House


High Quality Arts would like to share our gratitude for your interest and participation. The Auction House consist of a few simple rules that you find below.  


To Enter:

  • 'Like' the GIVEAWAY photo 

  • Take a confident guess at how many lines were needed to complete the drawing.

  • Tag a friend for an additional entry!

  • US residents only. Must be 18

Begins May 14th, 10:00AM. Ends May 16th, 10:00AM


Henry's Choice

Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Auction consist of 5 different original drawing to collectively make a 5 piece series. In this series you will find 

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Filtered Coffee

Spilled The beans

All original artwork is sent from the home studio of Stephen to a partnering shipping facility. Where the shipping container is fitted to the artwork for safe transportation to the collector. 


  • Created By: Stephen Schertz

  • TITLE: Spilled The Beans

  • DOC: May 11th, 2021

  • Line Count: 

  • Paper: 9 x 12" 140lb archival paper

  • TYPE: Original

  • Size: 9 x 12"in (unframed) // 10 x 13" framed

  • Medium: 005 fine tip (0.2mm) marker with Pigma archival ink. With additional graphite. Completed with varnish.

All original artwork is signed by the artist (Stephen). Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure complete satisfaction. 

Is this giveaway for people all over the world?
No. This particular giveaway is NOT eligible for international participants at this time. 

How much is shipping?
'Spilled The Beans' created by Stephen,  is offering free shipping. 

What's next?
Once the giveaway is complete and the winner has been chosen. The winner will receive a direct message of congratulations from either Henry's House of Coffee or High Quality Arts informing you of the win. 


Next, double and triple check the shipping information. This information will be used for the  3 month Henry's Choice subscription. As well as for the artwork. After double and triple checking the shipping information, High Quality Arts will send out a tracking email for the outgoing artwork.


The winner will also be notified separately by Henry's House of Coffee each month confirming that their fresh roast is on the way. The subscription will begin June 1st and will continue until August 1st.

How long is shipping?
Within the United States shipping is estimated to take 5 - 7 business days from the day of shipment. Subject to change pending based on recipient location.  

Spilled The Beans

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Coffee pic 1.jpg

The time spent to complete Spilled The Beans

is added up to over 100 hours.


Thank you

"Be Creative" - Stephen Schertz

High Quality Arts would like to thank everyone that has shown interest and participated in this exciting Auction 8 opportunity. 

Don't miss the SHOP. 

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The Artist

On a mission to be creative. 

My name is Stephen. I have spent countless hours throughout the years clearing my creative conscience with lines. I initially wanted to create a piece of artwork that from a distance looks simple, a single color(s) of sorts. However, up close has complexities unique to each drawing. To date, I have not come across anyone that can replicate the originals to create prints. 

After finishing my first drawing with lines. I experienced a feeling like never felt before. Overtime it has become a tool that I use in order to build trust within myself and the artwork I want to express. Putting behind any feeling of doubt that the drawing may not look good or be to my expectations in the end.

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